The ranch is located in central California in southern San Benito county.It has been family owned and operated since the late 1800’s, with Tim and Mike Baumgartner as the 4th generation of the family to own the property.The ranch is still a working ranch, raising beef cattle and hay.

The San Benito River winds for about 5 miles through the ranch, passing through varied terrain ranging from open river bottom, oak covered hills and flats, grassy meadows and fields, and deep brushy canyons. The elevation on the raanch varies greatly as well, with the San Benito River being about 1700 ft to the western ridges of the ranch that are around 2700 ft, to the eastern parts of the ranch that reach the greatest elevation at about 3700 ft.

A large variety of wild life inhabit the ranch; including deer, wild pigs and the occasional Tule elk as some of the larger animals. Game birds such as quail, doves, wild turkeys, and ducks can be seen in many areas of the ranch as well.
Several species of hawks can be seen soaring in the sky on any given day, especially in the late morning & afternoon. Occasionally golden eagles, California Condors and perigrine falcons can be seen.

Baumgartner Ranch has an extensive road system running throughout it to allow access to all parts of the ranch. Vista points with stunning views of the ranch can be reached with ease. The Santa Lucia mountain range, and Pinnacles National Monument are but a few of the views that can be seen from these points. Many vista points give the visitor a “bird’s eye view” of the surrounding countryside.